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Cleanbusters is a bonded & insured, full service residential & commercial cleaning service.



Our professional commercial cleaning services will allow you to rest assured that all will be well when you come into your work space tomorrow.


Other Services

We provide party servers and bartenders for corporate gigs, house parties and catering services.  We can help you with clean up too!

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services


Robin and the staff at Cleanbusters are the best. I used 3 different services before they were referred to me by a friend. They go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. I'm not usually home while the girls are cleaning but everytime I've ran into them everyone has been pleasant and happy to be there. The best!!




Our Story...With the rise in two-career couples, house cleaning services are no longer a luxury, but a necessity.  Thirty four years ago, our family took this route...and that's how Cleanbusters came about.


Cleanbusters is a team cleaning service that arrives at your door with buckets, sponges, rags, mops & brushes to clean from top to bottom.  We do heavy or light cleaning, moving in or out of a home, one-time or regular cleanings.  Our customers range from single workaholics to two-career couples, busy Moms and executives.  We recognize how different everyone's needs are and will fill them.


Cleanbusters also offers other services such as bartending & clean-ups.  As party-hosts, we'll greet your guests, take their coats, serve appetizers, buffet or sit down dinners and more.  While you're enjoying your guests, we'll be doing dishes, emptying ashtrays and clean-up trash.  When the party is over, you can go to sleep peacefully knowing it's been taken care of.


Cleanbusters is bonded, insured and available for free estimates anytime.  Who you gonna call?


Sink, toilet, bathtub, shower, tiles, mirror & floor will be cleaned



Outside of all major appliances such as refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, etc. are disinfected.  Burners are taken out and cleaned.  Counter tops, outsides of cabinets are cleaned and the kitchen floor, foyers, laundry floors are done on our hands and knees.



All furniture in the house will either be dusted, waxed, or polished depending on the desire of the customer.  Also included are lamps and window sills.  We check for cobwebs.  Mirrors, TV screens, glass tables and outside glass hutches are all Windexed.



If you desire your sheets to be changed, leave clean sheets and the beds will be made.



All carpets are vacuumed with care.



We can do different things with the floors depending on your needs. We can dry mop, vacuum, wash them with Murphy's oil soap.  There is a separate charge for waxing and buffing the floors.

Basic Cleaning Package

Spring & Fall Cleaning

This includes all of our basic cleaning package plus...


  • Washing Woodwork

  • Moving Furniture

  • Cleaning inside of cabinets & appliances

  • Cleaning light fixtures

  • Vacuuming furniture & drapes

  • Spot cleaning walls

  • Other necessary cleaning


*We do not do windows but can recommend a service provider.



We supply...buckets, sponges, brushes, cloths, featherdusters and vacuums


You supply...


  • Lysol Kitchen Disinfectants

  • Scrubbibing Bubbles (bath)

  • X-14 Foam for Mildew

  • Windex

  • Furniture Polish

  • Dry/Wet Swifter (hardwood floor)

  • Soft Scrub Cleanser

  • Spic N Span Liquid

  • Armstrong Once-n-Done (linoleum floors)

  • Dawn Dish Soap

  • Mr. Clean Eraser

  • Paper Towels


*We do not clean animal feces or litter boxes

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Delaware County, Pa.

Chester County, Pa.

Montgomery County, Pa.


3-Team Services

4-Team Services

*All rates include tax and are subject to change

1 Hour = $94


1.25 Hours = $116


1.5 Hours = $141


1.75 Hours = $164


2 Hours = $188

1 Hour = $116


1.25 Hours = $145


1.5 Hours = $174


1.75 Hours = $203


2 Hours = $232

Spring & Fall Cleaning Rates

Party Service Rates

3-Team Service = $108/Hour

4-Team Service = $144/Hour

Servers = $28/Hour/Server

Bartenders = $33/Hour/Server

*3 Hour Minimum, cash preferred, pleas add 18% gratuity



*Cash or check due at time of cleaning. We apologize...if payment is not left, our team can not clean.


*Holiday serving wil be at higher rates.


*We can not bill you.


*Our initial quote is only an estimate.  Final price determined at completion of job.




Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to appointment or Basic Cleaning Rate will be charged.


*If our team arrives, but is unable to gain access to your house, Basic Cleaning Rate will be charged.

"One of the best services we have ever used"  


M. Scott of Newtown Square, PA.


I have used Cleanbusters for about 30 years and have never had a problem. They are accomodating, punctual, very thorough and the Owner, Robin, is very willing to work with you if something isn't right or if you have special needs. Cleanbusters is SUPER!!


Kathy A.

Robin & her entire crew at Cleanbusters are great.  They're friendly, yet very professional, punctual and thorough. I'd reccommend Cleanbusters to all my friends & neighbors.


Gregg M., Havertown, Pa

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